Cultural Diversity and Multi color society of India

Let’s follow Rajdharma‘ this quotation like dearness sentence we have had received from former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai on 2002. Above message has had been addressed to Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. We can also remember that as Prime Minister and also as adviser Bajpai have had been saying to Narendra Modi on Gujarat issues.
After 13 years who is presently adviser of Narendra Modi? I have no idea. We understand from social media and TV news that Prime Minister Narendra Modi breaks silence on the Dadri lynching. (First Post on Twitter October 8, 2015). PM Modi said, ”President message is the best guidance we can get as nation.” President of India Pranab Mukherjee message was ”I firmly believe that we cannot allow the core values of our civilization to be wasted and the core values are what over the years the civilization celebrated, promoted and advocated, diversity, tolerance, endurance and plurality,” President Mukherjee added more, ”These core civilization values keep us together over centuries. Many ancient civilizations have fallen. But (despite) aggression after aggression, long foreign rule, India’s civilization has survived because of its core civilizational values and adherence to them. We must keep that in mind, nothing can prevent our democracy from moving on.
Meanwhile, earlier we have received one statement from home department, First Post have written,” The unconscionable lynching to death of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri over rumours of alleged beef consumption is likely to haunt the BJP and the Modi government for a long time. It is not going to become a non-issue just because the home ministry has issued a statement expressing “concern” over “incidents with communal overtones” across the country, “including the recent unfortunate incident at Dadri, UP.”
Asking states to show “zero tolerance” towards such incidents is obviously the right thing to do, but it simply won’t do the BJP and its government’s “communal” image any good. The Modi government needs to internalise two important facts of life in a media-saturated world: perceptions are reality; and once formed, perceptions are almost impossible to change in a hurry. It has to build its politics by recognising these two points as a given.
Brain psychologists tell us that human beings take just seconds to form an impression about people they meet – and impressions are difficult to change once formed. So first impressions are often our last. This kind of stereotyping was essential to human survival in the distant past, when the ability to distinguish between friend and foe, predator and prey was needed to trigger a fight or flight response.
Just as human first impressions tend to linger long after events prove our judgments to be wrong, political parties and organisations too benefit or lose out from people having developed initial perceptions about them. The BJP is thus stuck with the “communal” label, whether it likes it or not, and regardless of its actual acts of communalism or otherwise.
But (despite) aggression after aggression, long foreign rule, India’s civilization has survived because of its core civilizational values and adherence to them. We must keep that in mind, nothing can prevent our democracy from moving on.”
However, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said, ”Condemning the lynching of a man over beef eating rumour in UP, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said such incidents hurt the country’s image.
“India is a mature society. We need to rise above these kinds of incidents because they certainly don’t give a good name as far as the country is concerned,” he told reporters here after a lecture at Columbia University.
He was responding when asked to comment on the lynching incident in Dadri which has happened at a time when the government was wooing foreign investors.
I have also said they can amount to policy diversions in that context so it is the responsibility of every Indian in his actions or comments to stay clear of unfortunate and condemnable instances like this,” the senior BJP leader said. (First Post, October 6, 2015.) Then, Times of India added on October 8, 2015. That Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at Navda, ‘We should put an end to communal politics.”
So, This is the point of Indian too matured democracy. Earlier I have tried to put my view point about Dadri, that is contradiction between Development as sustainable development vs Sangskritik Jatiatabad. We are enjoying 68 years of Independence with cultural diversity an multi color society of India. We have various colorful festival, folk, language, neighbor understanding and social harmony. We have also Tricolor Flag. proud of Nation. This is our great pride and humility.
In this context, I would like to refer Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi who have written one post editorial with The Telegraph on 5 July, 2015, ”So we have two sets of ‘working’ slogans and sentiments in India, one extreme left and the other of the extreme right, competing for India’s future. The vast centre-space occupied once by Inquilab Zindabad! and only now in certain contexts by Jai Hind! It is bereft of a ‘working’ idea.”
Further, I want to repeat PM Modi, ”We should put an end to communal politics.” Is it facts? What is the role of Indian political party and politician? Vise president of Congress Rahul Gandhi and Delhi CM have visited Dadri. Instead of author Nayantara Sahagal and poet Ashok Bajpai. Both of them return their Akademi award in protest against the breakdown of social cultural harmony. There lots of story from the world, ”Iran has threatened to boycott next week’s Frankfurt Book Fair because organizers have invited the author Salman Rushdie, who still has a fatwa against him, as a guest speaker.” (AFP)
What is congress stand? According to news agency, ”The congress has decided to highlight the threat posed by ”rising intolerance” as it gears up to conclude the 125th anniversary celebration of Jawaharlal Nehru next month.” In this connection I would like to refer Smt. Sonia Gandhi who has said, ”The pillars of values on which pt. Nehru built India that of Democratic Institution building Secularism….. are challenged by some in the current political climate today.”


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