My Teacher your guide

It was myth that my teacher is your guide, our guide and our social guide. My teacher who is Tipura Sir. I am lucky one to attend his class and his Hostel. His height was 6′-6”, bare footed with ordinary shirt, he was like a tiger to student. And obviously he was one of the great ideal freedom fighter. He has taught us. Sir guided us to learn social values as hostel in charge. I am able to remember that Tipura Sir were not agree to avail any vehicle or transport. It was his revolt against so-called educated babus. As hostel in charge Tipura Sir were travel village after village by walking to collect poor intelligent and meritorious student for our school. On early sixty sir visited remote village and offer to poor family for his school and hostel. He has had confirm to said family that all expenses for education and boarding charges will bare by school authority. Beside we found him that he was able to attend rich farmer house for financial support along with Rice, wheat, vegetable, fish, muri etc. Which will be possible to extend in favor of above school. And we also know very well that Tipura sir successfully managed all support as honest teacher. This story has had been windup early eighty. We have also found social latest phenomenon with “Atanko’ Movie of Tapan Sinha. That was very popular dialogue, ‘Master masai apni kichu dekhenni.’ I would like to walk with my Jr. school-college friend just compare post modern values between earlier decade.
My dear friend we should revised our values for basic education, health and social values. Dr, Sarvepalli Radhakrshnan all time teacher with pt Jawaharlal Nehru and R. N. Tagore. We have lots of quotes but I want to remember George Lucas. He said, ”You have the most important job of any one today. Our kids need you to advocate for their futures.”
Sir, my beloved teacher and guide Tipura Sir take my pranam.


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