My page My Society……

My page My society.

This is surprise. I am enjoying ‘WORD PRESS.COM.’ This page my own net page. I am not expert in the net web. Due to non expertize I had been doing lot of spelling, construction mistake.   My feelings like a childish feelings. Today I want to remember that, it was proposed and preparation were ready to published my Bengali short story Book. That year 12 sociopolitical story  I have had been written on 1997 for said collection. Publisher was there ‘SUBORNAREKAHA’  form kolkata, and I have had dedicated that book to one political leader. DTP proof, book cover, all matter was ready.

But I failed to published my first memorable short story book. 17 yrs I am waiting. It was my listening that for the period He was respected leader to me. However that Mr. so called political leader who blocked that listed book.  OK. Sir, I am not worried. May be you are smart to walk on Avenue, D.K also smarter to review and observe ‘My Page My Society.’ May be I am not sound on the socioeconomic board. Mentally I am disturbed. Nerves not responding properly. Fine DK enjoying all negative flow. Time will consider to ask all my enemies and friends that DK in favor of society. And also It is not popular tale with present society that my first book had been published on 1976.

In this connection this quote extend our feelings ”You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


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