Dwaipayan who are you?

Is there any Identity? I dn’t Know. Dwaipayan Kabir have no authorized  society. Some how Lalan fakir is friend. End of the day Guru Nanak asking him. Dwaipayan who are You? Nimay Sannyasi extended colorful ‘Ankhara’ to enjoy ‘love’, ‘Humanism’  And Fakir Kabir consider lot of  ‘donha’ to study glorious values which existing in the modern new fabricated sky.  Sant Kabir said, ” Kabir tere jatko sab koi hasanhar/ bolihari owa jatko jo simre srijanhar.” Dwaipayan who boycotted earlier ‘UPANYAN’ (Baptism). After this decision he was detached from his family. Dwipayan also refused to “MUKHAGNI’ after death of his father. post funeral of his father whole family and Hindu society has been through him to untold status. But he was not worried. His family status was very very conservative. Yes again and again so-called progressive left and socialist also blame him. Dwipayan till date searching with Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda, R.N. Tagore and M. K. Gandhi. OK. No hesitation no blame. He is Vindas with under light status.  Dwaipayan Kabir’s all time feature with Tagore, ” ঘর ছাড়া েয আজ ঘর েপল েয,/ আপন মেন  রইল মেজ। হাওয়ায় হাওয়ায় েকমন কের খবর েয তার েপাউছল ের/ ঘরছাড়া ওই েমেঘর কােন। (গীতিবতান, পিরতরাণ ২৫, রবীনদরনাথ ঠাকুর)।


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